Two Women on a Mission to Finish

Was it Bittany Spears that said, "Ooops I did it again"... 

So it's on.

After a hard run at NYC Marathon in November, post baby illness and my injuries sustained through this weekends Chevron Houston, I'm making plans for this Fall.  I know this is crazy.  After that fall Sunday I'm not sure what planet I'm on or what is in my tap water. "KEEP GOING" right?
So... my friend, talented colleague, amazing superstar wife and fantastic mother, Jennifer Emerson and I are going to Berlin in September 2012.  I thought about signing up after NYC and just did it.  After 6:30 hours of torture, 5 bridges and saying I'd never do it again the last 4 miles of Central Park, planar faciatis, and an awful Chevron Houston Half, I'm back at it.  I'm addicted!  Now we're making plans for the trip, the hotels, the spa...there's no turning back.

Jeni is going to do the inline skate marathon - how cool is that?  26.2 miles on skates! 

The good news is Berlin is flat and this is my 4th out of 5 of the World Majors.  

I always say I'm never going for time but maybe this time I can aim for a sub 5.  A sub 5 post baby would be epic.

Time to get my Post Baby Butt in gear.  The Fit Chick Challenge is on.  Baby weight is coming off and I'm training smart for September. 

It's on.

Look out there's 2 women on a mission to finish.  The cool thing is we had the courage to start.

To your success.....

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