The Most Important Thing You'll Do Today

As I took my run this morning, I immediately tried to focus on what's important for today.  As things swirled my mind, I noticed my watch.  My pace was an 8 minute mile.  How I wish I could keep such pace, given the shape I'm in, I thought.  And then it hit me like a rock.  

The most important thing I will do today (and you will do too) is breathe.

Breathe, Calm, Busyness[Tweet "If you're lucky enough to be reading this it means you were given the chance to pass GO and collect $200 one more day. #blessed"] God gave you the chance to take more breaths.

Yes, the most important thing we need to do is breathe in and out and in and out again.  In this go-go fast paced manic world full of busyness, we need to breathe.  And like any good runner knows, you don't start out racing.  You pace.  You listen to your body and move at what pace makes best sense for you.

But we don't, now do we?

We listen to others and rubberneck and all the other things to hold us back.  We sometimes allow others to interfere and manipulate our race.  We get sucked in by the negativity.

It doesn't have to be this way.  You have a choice to step away, breathe, and blaze your own path, run your own race, and win.  Because the people who succeed are those who drown out the noise of the world, smile, and make things happen.

So when your boss, co-worker, or friendenemy tries to work you into a manic pace, slow down and breathe.

You got this.  It's your race.

It's your life, and you're in control.

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