The Secret Service: 3 Things You Know Already



For the next two days I have of the honor of connecting with and learning from 250 engineers and technologists at the BP’s Leadership Conference in Chicago.  I will join my colleague VP of Refining & Marketing Strategy, Cheryl McKinney, at the 2:30 hour where we will provide a rousing engagement on what it means to pace and position yourself for success.  We will tell stories, share a-ha moments, and our secrets to success. And, I will leave my new best girlfriends with three pieces of advice. 

1. Give a gal (or anyone) the right shoes and he or she can conquer the world.  Finding the right shoes is about practicing and perfecting the soft skills you need to lead, succeed and win: building confidence, killer presence, influence, and pace.  Don’t let fear and rubbernecking keep you from your dreams.   Stop Whining & Win! 


2.  Invest in a good mirror.  A mirror is the best test for accountability and ownership. It enables you to make great choices, like choosing yourself.  Look into one and ask yourself a few questions. Do you keep your commitments to yourself, and to others?   Do you finish what you start?  Do you turn up on time?  If you fall short, own it.  A mirror also serves another positive purpose: to remind you of how great you are.  Greatness is within all of us, but sometimes it takes looking at yourself in a mirror to remind you of what you are made of.  


3.  John Lennon says "I get by with a little help from my friends."  Connect, find mentors and coaches, learn and become one yourself.  The world moves because of people...relevant hustlers.   Mentors or coaches don't have to be in the same company you work for.  In fact, they don't even have to be alive. I read the "greats"... Reagan, Steve Jobs, Plato, Confucius, Lao Tzu when I need a dose of inspiration or ideas. Finding a mentor or coach and then becoming one is about giving your greatness back to others.  What will be your legacy?  Make it count.

My secrets are things you already know.  It's just time to go out and do something with them.  What are you waiting for?  

What are your secrets?


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