3 Signs It's Time to Break Up With Your Job

The alarm clock goes off and you groan.
happymonday_dontsIt's Monday and it's time to make the donuts!

Are you one of those people who is happy to see Friday and dreading Monday on Sunday night? 

Perhaps it's time to break up with your job.  Here are 3 signs in no important order.

Your company doesn't share your values.

Culture is everything.  Don't believe me?  Read this.  When company values don't match yours, it's time to go.   Look around and see how things "are done around here" and ask yourself if the company values what you value.  Don't know?  Write it down and then ask.  It does you no good to spend any time working any longer in a place that doesn't value the same things you do.

Your boss sucks.

Feeling bullied, deprived, overworked, micromanaged or stepped on by your boss?  Perhaps your boss requires enemies to function properly and can't manage to be happy about anything?  Does he or she inconsistently display vast emotional swings depending on mood?   Yep you have the case of the bad boss syndrome.  Relax. You're not the first nor will you be the last.

Look up a level or two.  Does your bosses, bosses, boss, suck too?  Typically poor leadership breads bad management which just breeds all of the stuff I just described.   Sometimes this is easily remedied.  Look around and pick a boss to go work for in your company.  If you don't see many or anyone you like, it may be time to take a hike.

Your brain is going mushy.blah

The biggest brain cell sucks are senseless dysfunctional meetings. You know what I'm talking about. I call it Blah(3).  I'm sorry if this is the story of your day. The next time someone sends you a calendar announcement think long and hard before you accept.  Meetings just suck time and brain power.  Sometimes saying no can have a powerful effect. About a year ago I started doing that and it changed meeting culture in my immediate workgroup.  We stopped meeting and did actual work!  Imagine that.

Maybe meetings don't occupy your day, but you find yourself extremely bored.  This is NOT healthy.  If you haven't asked for more projects or volunteered yourself, it's time.  You have to let people know you want to be challenged.  And if you've done that, and you aren't getting anywhere, it's time to look at finding meaning in your work.  Ask yourself. What could you be doing?  Why aren't you doing this work?  Can you create the work scope in the space you're in today?  

The best job is ...

The one you create and fall in love with.  Stop looking for it!  

Too often we take employment because it's a means to an end and changing jobs just isn't easy, right?

And hey, I'm not suggesting you leave your current company...rather think about what it means to have the right role...one where you can thrive.

But what if you could choose something you love doing and get paid? (Hint, you can.)  People ask me all the time about where to find these jobs.  You don't find them.  You create them.  You think about what you want to be doing, the people you want to surround yourself with, and you create the role.

Hang around this week and I'll have some tips on how to move from a "job" to a "role".

In the meantime, stop googling and looking on Linked In and go take a walk.  Maybe when the alarm goes off tomorrow smile knowing you're closer to the future you will create.

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