It's The Journey Not The Destination


Fit_logo_redThree months ago I got an email from Matt and Brian with The Fit Company.  I sat on it because I didn't believe it was true.  The note was letting me know I was nominated to be a contender in the 2014 Houston's Fittest Executive.  I shrugged it off.

The words fitness and executive are things I always dreamed I'd do or become, but didn't always believe I was.

I then went away and thought a little bit about it.   I'm competitive (with myself).  I love a healthy challenge.  But Houston's Fittest Female Executive... really?

I was that clumsy carrot top on the playground in school that no one picked for sports and got thrown in the garbage can.

I was a nerd with braces, glasses, and a silly laugh.  

I was the slowest person on the track team, often getting yelled at to 'MOVE'!

So you think at 38, post baby with 18 extra bricks to lose I was compelled to say yes?

No.  I sat.  I waited.  I fretted. I got scared.

All of those insecurities from my past seeped into my brain.  Like a normal human being I had self-doubt.


Then over the holidays, during the Great Purge of 2013, when I threw away literally bags of stuff, I came across some old photos.  Something magical happened.  God intervened.  The thing I couldn't shake was the smile I had on my face in every single photo.  If there's anything I've ever had its a smile.  My mom and dad always taught me that no matter what, the best response was to smile.

Dad would say, just grin and bear it.

The fact is when you have a smile and heart, that's half the battle.

So in January, just a few short weeks ago I accepted my nomination... not to win, or lose, but to encourage others to join me in the journey.   I stepped out of my comfort zone to say, come along with'll be fun.  When you stretch yourself, you grow.

its-not-about-destination-its-about-the-journeyAnd what I've learned is fitness (and life) is never about the destination, and always about the journey.

While I will always remember each of my marathon finishes, I most remember and cherish the painful miles I pushed through, the weather I fought, and things I told myself to pass the time.

Did you get better? Did you get healthier? stronger? faster? How did you do it? Winning isn't everything. How hard you fought the pain. How hard you pushed through the burn. How you raised the level of the game...or how you influenced another to join you ... that's the journey.

And do it with a smile.

This Sunday at 9AM I'll be competing in a 60 minute circuit.  It's going to be fun.  What's got me here was a desire to rise above my fear, play my best game, and bring others along with me.

Hats off to Matt and Brian at Fit Company for what they are doing to bring fitness to light.

What about your journey?  Tell me about it ... 

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