The Best Has Yet To Come


the best is yet to comeToday I turn 38.  And while I don't feel any younger or older, I can affirm I feel more alive today than I've ever been.  I write a lot about the many shoes I wear: wife, mom, runner, and corporate gal.  I also enjoy having other women talk about their many shoes and the experiences that have enriched their lives through my Remarkable Women Wednesday Series.  (I hope you read and have come to enjoy them.)  I know I enjoy knowing the women behind them.

I can truly say I love my life. I love all that God has blessed me with.  If I died tomorrow, I'd be a fortunate woman. Why?

As I reflect on the past year, it's had more ups than downs.  I grew a lot in my career, finished the Berlin marathon with my best friend, Jeni, lost my "baby weight" (finally) and gave this blog a little makeover.

And, I have some exciting changes on the being I plan to materialize this "book" or whatever it is I'm going to write into something in 2014.

At the annual Ladies Who Never Lunch that I hosted at my home earlier this month, someone brought fortune cookies.  I read my fortune aloud: "The best has yet to come".  

Indeed.  Here's to 38!

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