Finish Line Fridays: Keep Going

keep going What gets you going?  What keeps you going?  What got me going?  The power to choose a different path.  In 2005, I reclaimed my life, got fit, and got with it.  I lost over 125 pounds and began to walk.  Bit by bit I began jogging and eventually running.  I decided to go the distance.  In 2009 I took the streets of London and finished my first marathon.  I didn't let that stop me.  I kept going.  I did Chicago later that year and completed New York in 2011. In 2012, I flew to Berlin and dropped out of the race one day prior due to a bad injury.  But in spite of that, I kept going.  In one week I take to the streets of Berlin and I'm not leaving until I cross that finish. What keeps me going?  My life. It's full of such love and husband, my daughter, my parents and sisters. I keep going because of them.  And they encourage me to live, learn and grow. What  should keep YOU going?  It's simple.   Tomorrow can be better than today because of you and I. We're just that awesome.   [youtube id="-JhwaRYOgxo" width="600" height="350"] DONATE TO MY RUN HERE or visit here: Thanks for your support!

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