That. Just. Sucked.... But I did it!

Have you ever been grateful something was over?  That would be me.  Grateful.  The run was great today until a 10-person pileup.  I shouldered the brunt to my hip.  Some veteran marathon runner was trying to pass on the right and cut someone new off.  It was a disaster.

As much as I wanted to stop, I just went slow.  14:06 per mile.  I knew I could run it out but at what price?  I am not sure I will be well to run New Orleans in March, so for now I'm happy I finished. 

Ally and Mark Mehnert gave me the hope to keep going.  My time was 2:57.  I was on pace for 2:20.  It's okay, life is a marathon...and sometimes you have to adjust to what life throws you.

So it SUCKED.  But I did it.  Time for a massage!

To your success

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