Impossible is Nothing

Mark and I arrived Thursday, tired and weary from a long 24 hour joruney. It began when I realized my passport had been in a handbag we gave away 2 weeks ago after the garage sale to Goodwill. Imagine the mental anguish that entered my mind at 9pm the night before we were to board our British Airways flight to London.

After a period of being upset, we put a plan in motion. We went to the office and I printed out the forms to get a new passport issued. I then awoke at 5am to begin my day, first with a bit of coffee and then a trip to take passport photos and schedule an appointment with the Passport office.

At 8:30 am, I found out I was priority listed and could pick up the new one by 2:30. With a 4:20 flight, I called BA to move us to the 7:55 and at 8pm, we took off from Houston.

Once we arrived, we were both pretty tired. After getting settled an a brief nap, we ventured over to the ExCel Centre to pick up my packet.

Along the way, I saw these posters by Adidas, one of the sponsors of the marathon posted. They all said.... "Impossible is Nothing" This resounded in my mind so profoundly because when I look back on this journey....

  • I spent 10 years an unhappy person filled with emotions that held me back and let me to eat.
  • I spent a few years trying to figure that out along with all the other bad choices I made.
  • I spent 4 years to get healthy.
  • I've spent 10 months to train and sent 3 emails to solicit for donations (and was amazed at how many generous people there are in this world)
  • I'm now less than 24 hours from my marathon. 26.2 miles from the finish.
Impossible is nothing.

Anything is possible....hard work, perserverance and the will to finish is all you need.

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