Unwritten Rules to Winning the Marathon

One of the longest military marathons and the US Navy Seals took out the most wanted man in the world. What an amazing story that took seconds to travel across the internet.

When I think about the quest for Osama Bin Laden it reminds me of the journeys we all take to reach a goal. But there are so many unwritten rules to winning. It's like a game of chess -- the moves you make are critical.

Last Friday I attended a conference filled with inspiring people, content and connectedness. The focus was a discussion around the "Unwritten Rules".

Houston Mayor Annise Parker shared 3 of her pearls of wisdom. They are:

1. Prepare but don't over-prepare.
2. Surround yourself with the right support network.
2. Take risks on yourself and others.

With drive and discipline and the 3 above, anyone can reach a goal. Change your community. Go for a new job. Write a book. Lose weight and eat well. Be yourself. Do whatever, just DO IT. All things are possible!

As I prepare for the NYC marathon in honor of my daughter Ally, I'm reminded of what got me here: drive, discipline and the ability to SAY YES to myself. Training begins Saturday. And like the US military hunting down the most hated man in modern day history, I'm on a mission to prevail. It will take hard work but I will make it happen, take risks and surround myself with the right people for the journey.

What are your rules for winning?

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