8 Weeks till the Big Finish

Well the longest marathon of my life is about to come to a big finish.  Pregnancy has sure been one hell of a run.  And while I haven't been physically running much these days in Trimester 3, I'm more excited than ever to approach this major milestone.    With hills and valleys, I've hit a few walls in my pregnancy but all were a part of an amazing physical and emotional journey.   Insomnia, constipation, mood swings, major heartburn, and the like ... I've had it all.  In the end though, the pains of labor and lack of sleep and life changes are all welcomed challenges in this new chapter in our lives.

The house is ready.  We spent all of the 2nd trimester getting our "to dos" done.  Electrical, paint, landscaping, furnishings, gutters, bathroom remodel and nursery...

Reflecting on it all ...what a run since last summer!  House purchase, 2 home sales, wedding, job changes, the addition of Maddie (doodle bear) and now Ally.  The Mehnert household has been busy charting a course for a spectacular finish.  And then after this finish, there will be more...kids, birthdays, graduations, major milestones and big days.  It's all a part of this wonderful life I feel very blessed to have. 

I admit it.  I'm ADDICTED to "living life"...charting a journey for every race along the way (good or bad), learning and loving and becoming a better person I hope, along the way.  We are all put here to set our own pace, journey and finishes.  We have just one life to live so we must make the most of it.

As I turn the corner with 8 weeks to go, each kick, ache, pain and lost hour of sleep makes the finish that much sweeter.  I can't wait ....! 

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