If it were easy ...

If it were easy, anyone could do it.  A former colleague turned fabulous coach, Sonya Ware, sent me a reassuring text message yesterday.  Thank, you Sonya!

Reality hit me hard:  I was able to really see the hurdle ahead of me.

Today's world is volatile and tribes of people with a common cause have a voice and a virtual playground that never closes.  One mistake, you hear a lot, two mistakes, that's a problem...there is no 3rd time is a charm in this business.  We have to get it right and manage the noise.

Turning something around takes a village of courageous people: leaders who can rise to the challenge, troops unafraid to take the necessary steps to change and others to open their hearts to trusting.

It's just another marathon: a sprint.  It's the hardest race I've signed up for. But I'm determined to join my fellow runners to pace together to what we all hope is a brighter finish.

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