The Texas Indepdence Relay

So, I signed up for the 2009 TIR and what an awesome and tiring experience it truly was. I had 3 legs (approximately 6.6 miles a piece) to run in a 200 mile journey from Gonzales to San Jacinto. It was an insane feat. I had a lot of fun despite the heat, lack of sleep and comforts. My team blogged our journey at:

Our team consisted of 12 runners of all abilities. Had I trained well I would have paced my usual 9:00/miles but with the heat and my trip to London for 2 weeks, I coped with doing a satisfactory job until I got to Terry Hershey Park and had to lean on my bud Trish to help me finish my last leg.

Would I do it again? Maybe. I'm so glad it's over though.

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