Copy Cats

Have you ever seen your words, ideas, and work used elsewhere?  Sometimes it's subtle and at other times it's just a straight lift.  How has that made you feel?

A friend of mine sent me something today pointing out where someone was plagiarizing my work. She was disturbed.  I was inspired.

What? Inspired? Why be inspired by a copy cat?

I used to get upset about these kinds of things and then realized that imitation by others is truly a guarantee that you're on to something great.   Master copycats know one, maybe two crafts: copy and paste. Yes, the good ole Control-C, Control-V, but they know nothing else.

I learned several years back is that no one can fake real.

I'll say that again.  No one else can fake real. When you have something and its truly yours, it's not something anyone else can take from you. Oh sure they can try, but people see through that.  When something isn't genuine, raw and from the heart, real people (the ones that matter) see through it.  They know fake when they see it.

Consistency in your creation, acts, words and the like (and your willingness to share openly) is what separates the creative versus the wanna-be's.

After all, artists know their colors, the palette, and subject matter deeply.  They create. Copy cats don't create.  They only know how to use, well you know...the copy machine!

The next time someone takes your words or ideas either subtly or in yourself a favor and keep creating more.

The world knows and rewards real....and you're on to something!

PS - Thanks to the person who created the above image.  I got it from Google and not really sure of the source because you can find it a few places across the internet.  (Such a great thing now isn't it.)  If it's yours, kindly let me know so I can properly attribute!


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