Connectors, Comrades, and the Curious

I ran the New Orleans Half Marathon this past weekend. After a few weeks of thinking I couldn't stand a chance to run I changed my mindset and went for all 13.1. Resolve has a great way of rearing itself when I need it the most. I have so many positive memories of this particular race. From the 'Black Girls Who Run' club that's fighting obesity in African Americans to the 14 year old boy named Scott who in so many ways reminded me of my pudgy adolescence. His carrot top hair, freckles and pant at mile 9 made me jog alongside him to ask him his 'cause'. He told me with a huge smile... 'because I can...'. atta boy!! Still though the clarity of my running came at a pivotal moment... Just as I saw a handicapped wheelchair participant whiz by... It hit me hard. The run, regardless of how fast or slow, keeps humans moving forward... That regardless of our plight, our hand dealt, each of us represents a single individual committed to going the distance. Every race has connectors, comrades and the curious. The organizers of the race are connectors of the cause. They bond the comrades of this great movement. Comrades are people who not only show up to move forward, but move with a grace like no other. Comrades run in costumes, in shirts adorning memories of loved ones and in this race ... firefighters in full gear. The spectators are curious. They show up with signs offering encouragement and hope. Children hold signs of support reigning 'go mommy go' and elderly stand on the street corner offering every ounce of energy they have to give. And then there are those who just smile or look on with wonder... My question is if you're among the curious. What are you waiting for? The world needs you to move forward. For me there's no other option.

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