When Women Dream Big


"The world is your oyster."

My dad used to tell me this when I was a little girl. And even today, he reminds me of this so much that I have a copy of the quote hanging up next to my computer. My parents both encouraged me to dream big reminding me that life is just too short to pass up the opportunity to give it your all.

When we are small we aren't tainted by the world's woes.

We are young, carefree, and imaginative. Our creativity runs wild and we believe we can do anything and become anything. Our dreams excite us.

Somewhere along the way, though, little girls begin to grow up and experience the harsh realities of the world. Some of us lose that "world is your oyster" confidence, and we begin to conform to what we think the world wants us to become. We can lose those big dreams and only aim for safe or small. Our spirits can feel diminished and we begin to lose confidence.

On this International Women's Day, around the world, I invite all women, young and old to dream big.

The producer of the below trailer video is a woman I've never met in person. Erin Bagwell and I share a common desire in life: to dream big. (And I'm daring to bet that there are more of you dreamers out there, too.) We both know we each have within us what it takes to make our dreams come true and that it's never too late to bring them to life.


Happy International Women's Day. #MakeItHappen, my girlfriends. The world is your oyster. It's time to go harvest that pearl. Because when women dream big and make those dreams happen, our world is a better place.

Have a big dream? Tell us about it...share it below. The world needs your greatness. Happy #IWD2015


Photo Source: LinkedIn; Video: Erin Bagwell.

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