Stuff I've Learned from my 4 Year Old

Today's post is dedicated to Ally.  She turned four today and has taught me a lot about work and life.  

Dear Ally

Where does the time go?  In four years, a President serves a term.  In four years, high school is done.   And in your four years, it seems like the world moved fast and you've grown into this young adult...only four years old, but full of life, laughs and lessons.  Your mantras in no important order are:

1.  Have an opinion from Day 1.

(You sure did and haven't looked back!)


2.  Give life a go.  You won't know until you give it a try.

"Mommy all that matters is that you try, " were sweet words to my ears this year.  I'm glad you keep trying because so many people in this life, give up.


3.  Fly to the moon and reach for the stars.


"You just have to reach for them.  They are there.  Sometimes they are hard to see, but they are there," you said.  I'm so grateful you have the vision to see them.

4.  You've reminded me that winning is about always trying your best and never giving up.

Oh Ally, there are days I've wanted to walk out, quit, and pull my hair out.  But that incessant singing of Bruno Mars and Sesame Street's "Don't Give Up", have even your Mommy dancing in the car believing that anything is possible.  Thank you, I needed that.


5.  Confidence is a gal's best friend because you wear it so proudly.

Your smile makes me melt and your contagious giggle warms my heart.  Your flexible swings between Frozen , ninja turtles, and trains make this mom so proud that you are independent, strong, and ready to take on life wearing your crown or your sword...whichever you decide that morning.


And in your four years, you've taught me that life is about living.  You've reminded me that no matter how messy this life is, motherhood and marriage is magnificent.

You've become an inspiration to the world through the stories and experiences we've created and shared.  I cannot wait to make more.

Thank you.  You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Love, Mom 

PS: You're ONE tough Ninja.



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