My Twin is on Twitter

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Source: Bruce VanHorn

Have you ever been told you resemble someone or could have a twin?  

So 13 years, 12 or so states, and a +3 minute per mile pace separates us, but I finally found my twin!  (He runs an 8.  I run 11 on a good day.)

Bruce Van Horn is my Twitter twin.

I found him and began doing what lots of people do...I followed him.  He's a powerhouse tweeter with an impressive 293,000 followers.    After he announced his cancer diagnosis and surgery earlier this year, I had the nerve to contact him.  I knew I needed to know him in some way, because, at a distance, there was so much I saw in myself in him and his life experiences.  We spent a great hour or so together talking about all the things we have in common and have formed a friendship since.


Here's what I learned about my twin.

  • Bruce loves to run.  He loves it so much that he's written a great book about it.  If you want motivation while you train for any race (any distance), get this book, You Can Go the Distance.  
  • Bruce loves to write and engage with people.  In his early life, the PC became his passion in college in the 1980s and he spent most of his early career writing software code and teaching.  Today he tells stories and gets others to tell theirs through his highly ranked iTunes Life is a Marathon Podcast series.   Subscribe and I promise you won't be disappointed.  
  • Bruce has expanded his career as a coach and author to becoming a speaker.  However, it wouldn't be Bruce without combining his love for inspiration, running and fun without having his very own cruise! He and several others set sail for the Run for Fun Cruise in February in Florida and again in June to Alaska.  (Yes, this man is not just my twin but another professional crush.  Who cruises to fun places running and speaking?)  
  • Bruce knows life is truly a marathon.  We define the course, own our successes and our failures.

Bruce's uncanny ability to connect with people in a warm way and be a master at the technology is why he's so successful at being an author, coach, and speaker, today.

It's an honor to call him a friend and my twin.

The beautiful thing about the internet is how powerful social media is in creating experiences and connections that wouldn't have happened otherwise.  I've met so many wonderful people including many of you!  I encourage you to find your twin.  You'll probably find there are more people out there like you than you think. It just takes a little courage to connect.

Come visit Bruce and I today on his podcast series where we talk about a topic near and dear to both of us, pacing to finish.  It's just in time for a great finish to this week!

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