The Secret Sauce to Making Things Happen

It's an emotional word.  It's deep, connective, and soulful.

Passion can be described simply like a light switch.  When the light's on, we're engaged, motivated, and focused toward a purpose.  When the light's off, we can get lost, distracted, or worse yet, disengaged.  Do you know passion?  Do you know disengaged?  If you've been married or in a relationship long enough, you know that passion is something that can come and go.  It has to be nurtured.  It's that consistent flow of energy that drives us remain connected and soulful to our work and our relationships.


It's something we hold close and true.  It's rooted in our DNA and moral code.  It shapes our thoughts and actions and ultimately impacts outcomes.

But, passion without belief and belief without passion is half-baked sauce.  It's that feeling you get when you take a taste and your meal is missing a really important ingredient.

While our experiences expose us,  a change in belief is what accelerates our ability to raise the game, change and make things happen. 

Passion + Belief is the secret sauce to making things happen.

What are you doing to remain connected and committed to your work, life, and relationships?  What's in your secret sauce?

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