What We All Crave

craveCrave.  It's a strong word.

But the reality is we all crave.  We crave things and we want to be craved.

What do we crave?  Achievement? Success? Title? Money? Power?  Sure perhaps on the surface, but I believe it goes beyond all of these things and is much deeper.

Ever read something that someone wrote or hear something someone said that you've had in your head forever?  Yep, we crave the need to be validated.  Feeling validated is that moment when "what was supposed to come around, came around".  It just takes time to get validation but when it happens, we feel great.

We like knowing we matter.  We want to be valued.  We crave meaning and purpose.  It's that big answer to "why?"

We crave stories.  Everyone's got a story.  We like telling them, reading them and we love the kind that warm our hearts and inspire us to think and act differently.

We crave healthy competition.  And while people always pick the favorites to win, we love to know the underdog can win.  Some of us root for 2nd place to move up.   We all know life gets boring seeing the same people and teams get first place.

We love drama and a great fight.  Who wants to watch a blowout match when we can hang on for dear life and watch a nail bitter ?  After all the best games are the ones that go to double overtime and keep us on our seats.

We crave to be heard, understood, and acknowledged.  It hurts to be left out so we want to be included, because inclusion gives us a sense of security.

In case you didn't know or you needed a reminder...
  • You're valuable and matter.  A lot.you
  • You're story is awesome, so tell it.
  • You're a fighter, so go for it.
  • You're amazing, so keep it up.
  • You are unique.  There's no one else quite like you and that's what makes life interesting.

The world craves having you in it!  Now go have an awesome week and remind someone of how much they are craved.

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