Rediscovering Fabulous

We've been talking about ruts and finding your way this week.

My friend Linda and I joined my friend Libby yesterday who was a lunch speaker on 'rut busting'. If there is anyone I know who is the master of making the most out of a situation, it's Libby.

I love a woman (or man) who dares to venture into new territory...especially technology.

Instead of the same boring powerpoint slides, she used Prezi.  (Prezi and HaikuDeck rock.  Try them and you'll divorce powerpoint like I did a year ago).  Invariably we ran into technology problems.  Libby just picked up and moved on.  It's the best presentation I've seen her give, and she's given many.  She was relaxed, no-nonsense and left us all with greeat takeaways.

My biggest one?  You have to find your ruts to rediscover your fabulous self.

As we mingled with the room I took note the people I met were thirsty for (or hungry for more) meaning in their lives.

What do I do?  Where do I go next?  What do I try?  I'm getting ready to leap.  I'm afraid!

Oh yes, I could see there were a few ruts in the room.. but rut finding is not about others, it's about finding yours...surfacing them, owning them and getting over the baggage that comes with them.  Rut finding is about our own self discovery.

The power of writing.

Writing is a cathartic activity for me. I've written or  had some form of an online journal or blog for awhile. My executive coach encouraged me to do it in my 20s so I started my writing years ago in response to the health issues and childhood challenges I was able to overcome.  When I needed to, I would type.  I would write as much as I could and stop.  Sometimes none of it made any sense.  I didn't share it with anyone at first, and slowly came to do so as many of my closest friends said it could help others.  Thus, "Pace: Life is a Marathon" was born.

When you are in a rut, the best way to get out is to surface all those things that are putting you or keeping you there and write them down.  Ask yourself and be very honest.

  • What am I afraid of?
  • What do I dread about each day?
  • What image do I want to change?
Try the thing you don't think you can't do.

Writing is a powerful tool to get you moving in the direction of change.  Do what you think you can't.  Make a plan and take action, even if it's taking small steps each day.

Be your fabulous self.

As a part of my transition to this next great phase in my career, I'm getting back into my fitness routine and have enlisted Valerie Anderson, Style Expert and Engineer to help me rediscover my presence.  I head to San Francisco and San Jose next week for six days of development, discovery and planning and I cannot wait to look and feel great.  As such, tomorrow I'll be kicking off a new series called the Fab Factor.  There's something for everyone (even the guys), so don't miss it.

What are you doing to discover your ruts?  Are you writing them down?  What's your next step?  

See you tomorrow!

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