Bye Bye Email and Powerpoint

Computers, the internet, social media and the explosion of information has changed our world forever.  But like a junk drawer that collects dust, our inboxes, hard drives, clouds, and ultimately our minds become a haven for electronic clutter.  I wonder how many brain cells all of that clutter kills?!
Do you remember how peaceful the world was without nagging pop-ups, reminders, pings, and beeps?  

In my quest to drive a simpler life, I've search for ways to reduce the clutter I have in my electronic life.  Here are a few recent examples ...

  • This summer GMAIL began categorizing my email for me.  I didn't ask for it but it was a welcomed new feature that sorts by 3 buckets:  "primary", "social" and "promotions".  It's cut my email time in half.  Now that's, productivity!
  • I joined, a clever service that helps you get rid of unwanted newsletter email.    It informed me I had 249 (?!) subscriptions in my inbox. After purging 200 I felt a huge sense of relief. then takes your remaining subscriptions and scrapes them into one email it sends you daily.
  • And my personal favorite at work?  No more PowerPoint unless absolutely necessary.     You want me?  Engage and have a real conversation!  Or shake it up and use something more engaging.  While it's got everyone up in arms at work, I don't think I've been this excited in a while ... perhaps since U2 last toured.

Have any great electronic organization tips and tricks?  

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