We've Always Done It This Way

For years we could get away with saying these six words.


Let's examine what these words really mean, today.
  • We don't want to try.
  • We believe in easy.
  • The status quo is so comfortable that we proudly defend it.
  • Groupthink is the only way to think.
  • We value parts, not service.
  • We've been at this longer than anyone so surely age and time will win.
  • Research and development are overrated.
  • We like sitting behind our desks all day.
  • We are the epitome of complacent.  Here us yawn.

In the connected economy where the world values diversity and difference, today's leader, manager, worker, investor, and job seeker better beware.

This kind of mindset, ignorance and arrogance is what sends customers, employees, volunteers and investors to your competitors.

What should you do if you hear these six words?
  • Take responsibility to push new ideas and challenge existing ways of working.
  • Cultivate a culture that empowers people at all levels. Encourage and reward trial, error, and failure.  
  • Take a field trip and get a piece of the action by listening to customers, employees, contractors, investors, and other stakeholders.RIP
  • Invest in yourself and your people.

Once revered and now fallen, there are many companies that have died a slow toxic death due to complacency and inability to change.   Sears, Dell, and Eastman Kodak to name a few.

Don't let these six words guide your thinking or judgment, or you may find yourself joining them.

How do you cope working in an environment that doesn't cultivate new thinking?  What have you done to breathe new life into your space?  What are you doing to adapt, thrive and change in your career?

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