Where's the cold weather in London?


london_winterSo I may have mentioned. I'm in London this week for work coming home Friday to gear up for Sunday's Half Marathon in Houston. While I prepare for Sunday mentally, I'm thinking about the next 14 weeks ahead of me as I prepare for the London full. As you know this is my ONE and ONLY full. After this, I'll retire. Yea and Lance Armstrong made a comeback. Never say never right???

So back to the topic at hand. The weather was supposed to be dreadfully cold when I packed. The sun actually came out today in the UK which is rare this time of year. Cold weather is good for me. It gives me a chance to do more. It's way better than the humidity of Texas and the Gulf Coast -- it's odd but I feel the cold weather gives me confidence I have plenty of time to finish. Hot weather is all about racing to get it done. And that just causes me pain and grief.

So, I "punked out" today and I ran inside the hotel gym; lovely facility if you ask me. Then I lifted some weights.

It's 1045pm local time; time for bed. Going to rise and attempt a Thames River run before my 8am workshops. We shall see if the cold decides to rear itself.

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