Heard, Understood, and Acknowledged

Everyone wants to be heard, understood and acknowledged.

chalkboard_HUAWhen you want to put your voice into the room, don't you want others to hear you?

And it isn't enough to just be heard.  We need people to process our messages and understand them.  Understanding actually reinforces our need to be heard.  It says "I get what you're saying."

But the real pinnacle is to be acknowledged!

Acknowledgement doesn't mean you agree with me.  It means I'm honored and trust you to give you this input.  And you, in turn, are blessed I took the risk to tell you.  That's what real acknowledgement means.

We hear a lot today about leadership.

We hear that good leaders take risks.  We hear they embrace failure and the learning that comes with it.  We hear they have to let go of what others think.  But leadership goes beyond that.  It's about how you inspired someone and made them feel to be a part of the process.  It's about you both bringing each other along that journey.  Real leadership is about risking the relationships, investing in mutual trust, and co-creating confidence to enable acceptance.

But you can't do that without "HUA" - hearing, understanding and acknowledging.

So I ask...if we risked more in listening, hearing, understanding and acknowledging others, what kind of world would we live in? What problems would we solve? What barriers would we knock down? What new frontiers would we create?

When have you felt heard, understood and acknowledged?  How are you doing the same for others?  

Now...Go.  Do.  More. Of.  That.  

(Thank you Cecilia Rose.  I heard you, get it, and it's great stuff worth sharing with the world!) 

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