Super Connectors & Their Super Powers


LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and social media have changed our world forever.  While the digital age has enabled us to "stay in touch", it has robbed us of true human connection.  Data is just data without a smile, handshake or a face to face conversation.  A super connector is someone with a vast social and professional network who can usually make something happen within a phone call, email or text. Super connectors are plugged into more than just data on a smart phone:  people are their "art".  

Today's super connectors have special powers.  Here are 2 of them: 

Super connectors are always building relationships, without the desire to gain something.   They connect people and information and marvel in the idea of building human bridges.  They are smart enough to know that influence and sharing knowledge is king in today's complex world where people need to solve simple problems.  They are open to learning from others and know success takes a village.  They give the gift of connectivity, despite the risk that may bring, keeping in mind that "Givers truly Gain".

Super connectors are influential game changers and bring people together.    This is the most super of their powers. They know how powerful one introduction can be.  They have the scarce ability to see the patterns of common ground and opportunities across people and networks.  They know how to bring the most unlike worlds together and find the common denominator and winning outcome for all.

Malcolm Gladwell's "The Law of the Few" says the success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts.  In a world hungry for leadership, super connectors are "The Law of the Few" playing a tremendous role in shaping our world.  

Who are your super connectors?  Find them!  They are looking for you, too!




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