The Pursuit of Meaning and Happiness


We spend sometimes our entire lives trying to find meaning that we don't realize the answers are within us.

Three years ago today I ran my first and what was supposed to be my only marathon in London. It took nearly 6 months to find a charity seat because 15 UK charities couldn't (didn't want to) support my bid. The race claims it's the largest philanthropic event on the planet, however I found it downright difficult to find anyone who wanted to support a "slow" American to run.

After countless letter writing, $10,000 raised, and months of training I ran and finished the last Flora London Marathon just under 5:30 hours.  Thank you to the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and my dear friend and daughter of Susan Komen, Stephanie for believing in me and helping me secure a seat from an organization that was #grateful for my contributions.

Our lives are full of individuals and "friends", colleagues, and others we encounter who tell us we can't.  They infiltrate our minds with doubt and our hearts allow us to second guess who we are, our meaning and what happiness looks like.

We then get full of fear about the "what if" and settle with "what we have" because it's easy.  For me, it's about choosing the right people and organizations and building the right village around you in SUPPORT of your dreams.

In these good words (see it below or click here) of Will Smith --  

You've got a dream - you've got to protect it.   You want some thing, go get it.  PERIOD!

What are you doing to protect your dream?  You want something?  What are you doing to go and get it?

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Note: I'm on vacation this week.  This post original appeared in April 2012.  



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