Pace, Not Multi-Task



Are you a multi-tasker?  If you are a parent or busy professional,  you probably consider yourself one.  People think I'm THE super-duper multi-tasking wife, momma, and runner.  Oh I do all of those things...I really do.  Just not all at once.

The fact is, multi-tasking is a delusion. Earl Miller, a Picower professor of neuroscience at MIT, says that for the most part, we simply can't focus on more than one thing at a time.  I believe it.

And, efficiency isn't the answer either.  I am notorious for trying to carry everything from my car to the house when I unpack groceries or packages from a day of shopping.  In my attempt at an efficient life, I rationalize the need to carry as many things as I can. What ends up happening is I become less efficient, often breaking something or causing myself additional steps in the process.

Have you ever gotten home and not remembered driving there?  Scary huh?  Highway hypnosis is a dangerous condition usually caused by fatigue.  Fatigue stems from doing too much without the proper pause, rest and pace.

How many people do you notice drive, eat and use a cell phone (and God forbid, text)?  Don't you think if we were in fact good at multi-tasking that we could drive and text with no problems?

Simple Things To Begin Doing Today

1.  Stop believing in the myth of multi-tasking and efficiency.

2.  Learn to say No.  The Power of No will change your life.

3.  The next time you tell or your think to yourself you are a super hero, stop and pace yourself.

One thing at a time!  It's best to get it right.




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