Loving and Living The Real Life



Reality TV broke the mold in the late 90s and turn of the century.  Well before the internet took off and "social" came on the scene, we were being exposed to the every day lives of ordinary people through TV.  It started with MTV and then moved across the cable network.  Eventually that spread to the major news networks.  Now we have the internet and that's changed and redefined "REAL" forever.

Yesterday I had the most amazing and uplifting and "REAL" experience.  My friend, colleague and fellow business entrepreneur hosted me as a guest on her show: The Terri Craig Show: Real Women Real Results.

Terri Craig's passion is helping other women and it's all over everything she does!  After 31 years in the corporate realm leading several multi-million dollar consulting practices for heavyweights like Deloitte and Ernst & Young, she broke a new mold and created a new more fulfilling direction for herself launching MYMResults (Maximize Your Marketing Results).  Terri creates real-world, practical marketing, business development and personal branding strategies for women-owned businesses, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs.  In 2005, she launched the show which is all about showcasing women and their businesses, telling their stories and giving them an opportunity to shine.

There's something about REAL that is very appealing.   For me "real" is about going deep and surfacing the "why".  It's about owning it and sharing that reality with others.  We live in such a crazy world....borderless, timeless and doorless...everything is open, wide!  While technology has advanced us further, connected and reconnected us, it's also created a way for people to be less than who they really are, or in some cases, a complete facade.

In the segment yesterday we spoke about how to deal with change.  We discussed how to move through change that is imposed on us and how to take leaps on our own, finding energy and managing it.  To listen to the playback, click here. 

 Thank you Terri for creating a safe space to discuss change, growth, leadership, life and work.  You are truly an example of a woman loving and living the REAL life and helping others to do the same.

What are you doing to love and live the real life?  Who are you surrounding yourself with to get you there?  


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