Living Life to the Fullest

We lost another fantastic person to cancer last week.  Tracye, a fellow Junior League community leader and volunteer fought for over 2 years and her battle ended on Thanksgiving after a 3rd and very painful road  But like Tom's sudden death earlier this month, I find it hard for me to be sad for either of them. They both shared something special in common: they LOVED life!  And Tracye lived life to the fullest.  She was an amazing mother, wife, volunteer and the "CEO of her household".  Her obituary reads like the legacy everyone wants to leave this earth.  She touched so many lives...and had an amazing outlook on everything.

So ... from the moment we are born, we are dying.  It's a fact we must all face. We get up every day and hopefully learn and grow.  Our time is limited and we don't know when our moment is here for us to surrender to God.

This is what makes our time so precious.  Make sure you spend your life doing what makes you happy...and being with people who bring you that true joy and happiness.  Life is too short to sweat the small stuff or carry additional baggage. 

We get one chance on this earth. 

Make it count. 

Tracye did and we are so blessed by her time with us.  She and Tom are among happy souls looking down on us and smiling.

Be well.  Live Strong.

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