Grateful is a Year Round Practice


ninety five

I love people. All people. I am keenly fond of social and digital media, but nothing can replace LIVE human interaction. People constantly poke fun of me because I “know everyone”. There is a reason I tend to talk to people and yesterday was one of those encounters that I will forever remember.

It was  just another normal business travel day.  I was riding the tram in the Denver Airport and they caught my eye. Her absolute beauty, his gentle kindness. I leaned over and said to her, “If every day of your life, someone does not tell you how gorgeous you are, something is very wrong with this world.” She blushed and he said, “Aren’t I lucky?” I asked where they had been and they beamed describing time with the kids and grandkids. We chatted for a few seconds and left with the normal pleasantries.

As I slowly and carefully got on the escalator, I noticed they were next to me again and the two jumped  on. She unescorted, standing so upright, and he a few steps ahead. When we all got off I asked her, “What do you eat or do to stay so healthy?” her answer, “I move around a lot honey. I eat pretty well too.” He jumped in, “She looks pretty good for 95, right?” And yes, it was all I could do to not pass out from shock.

He then explained they had been to the funeral of his wife and her daughter. These were the same two folks beaming about time with the kids and grandkids a few seconds ago on the tram. As I felt the tears well up and the lump in my throat grow, she leaned in, grabbed me and gave me a big hug and then whispered, “My dear, in life you must accept the good with the not so good.”

He took over and said, “You know it’s weird, I spent a career creating the very chemicals that probably led to my wife’s death, and thus far I am healthy.” He was such a kind soul and had such love for life and his mother-in-law. Needless to say, I was inspired and moved by the love between us in the moment.

We move quickly through the day and forget to stop and speak to those right next to us, across from us or even in our own homes. Slow down and get to know someone instead of staring at the phone screen or computer screen. I was so touched that the entire plane ride home was spent getting to know the young woman next to me instead of struggling with slow wireless. She had been kind enough to warn me the service was awful so save my money.

Still feeling the love of the business trip as well as the flight home. You see Grateful and Gratitude are a year round practice.

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