A Place Filled with Amazing Grace



In this life of go-go-go, I'm always looking for the opportunity to pace myself with grace.  We all could breathe more, do less, and pause to breathe in a dose of grace.  We need it in our work, lives and relationships.  Grace is that centered place we all strive to achieve devoid of pressure, stress, and pain.

Some of you recently shared your definition of grace with me ... 

  • It's about handling challenges with a smile, but not getting run over.
  • For me, it's being given a break when I don't deserve it.
  • Grace is everything! It means everything to me....because of it...I am here.
  • It's a significant ingredient of hope, and passion. To say nothing of confidence.

For me grace is about living the life God wants for each of us: gentle, loving, kind, mindful, peaceful, purposeful, conscious, grateful, abundant, beautiful, soulful, and joyful.

Yesterday I witnessed a place filled with amazing grace.    At 9:30 am, the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart filled with what it seemed to be 1000 people.  My heavy heart sank as I watched children pile into the pews to say goodbye.   The bagpipes played as the casket draped in a white cloth passed by as family and friends wept for a 13-year-old young man taken too soon to brain cancer.

I didn't know C1278106_10151612742746277_1947407448_ohance well, but I'm very fond of his mom.  She's the epitome of grace... an extraordinary wife, mother, and community leader with a heart of gold.  She taught her son to fight how she does ... with a smile...one no one will ever forget. My heart is sad but I know he's smiling and that gives us all comfort.

A young girl in her school uniform stood next to me, took my hand and put her head on my shoulder and wept softly.  I hugged her tight, as if she were my own and kissed her forehead.  She looked up at me, her glasses just slightly fogging from her tears, and said, "He was my friend. He is in a better place.  A place filled with amazing grace."

What are you doing to create a place filled with amazing grace?   How are you living a gentle, loving kind, mindful, peaceful, purposeful, conscious, grateful, abundant, abundant, soulful and joyful life? 


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