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It had been close to a year since I had lunch with a friend.  She and I get together for lunch each year to celebrate our December birthdays. Typically we exchange emails, texts or random visits throughout the year but our December lunch was special.  Nothing fancy, just fun girlfriend time.

It was at that lunch I discussed with my friend that I wanted to go back to work but was unsure about going into the same industry or the same type of company.  I wanted to be in a place that I could be me and not get penalized for it or shoved down the "corporate ladder" because of who I am.  To make a long story short, my friend recommended me to a friend that happened to be the VP of a prominent consulting firm.

Within 7 days I had a job offer.  I am currently employed by this firm and am loving my career.

I told you that story for one reason. My friend.  She is great.  We often talk about how women should work together more and help one another. It is this notion that made me start the Annual Women's Empowerment  Conference.  I want to help women build better lives, better businesses and better families.  Once women embrace and empower one another, we will truly be able to build bridges.

These days we are more like crabs, pulling each other down.  My friend recently said something that made me think.  She said, "We should be women who complete, not compete."  How profound.  This hit home for me because even though I work so hard to help women, some of those same women have hurt me in ways I would have never expected.

For some reason, women feel like every situation is a competition.  NEWSFLASH:  It's NOT!  There is more than one job, more than one pair of nice shoes, more than one cute dress and there is certainly more than one man on this earth.  If we focus on completing one another instead of competing with one another, we would be much happier and go farther. Women are amazing humans and know how to work under pressure. I know for sure that my journey with women would be much better if I can build better relationships with women.  It's my goal both in the office and in my personal life.

My life would be dramatically different right now if I had not went to lunch with my friend.  Actually things would be different if I did not feel comfortable enough to talk to my friend and trust her.  I am grateful for that day.  I chose to trust a woman and she did not take advantage of me. What a novel idea!

Do you have someone you can talk to about your fears  and discomforts?  Do you have someone who you trust outside of your family?  Is it a woman?

Thanks Katie for being that person for me.

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