I Love Winning


i_love_winning_sticker-p217399264980038179qjcl_400Last week was filled with a myriad of professional development.  

I flew to Chicago and spoke to an audience of 250 women engineers and gave them some pearls of wisdom.  Friday I attended a leadership workshop.  Former Shell executive and mentor of mine, Susan Hodge and her partner Lynn Rousseau with Women Leading Together helped us explored our energy to live a fulfilling life and career.

One of the exercises revealed something I already knew about myself but for the first time ever, I felt comfortable sharing it.  So I did.  I stood proud and told all 15 women with a big smile,  "I love winning."  The room chuckled, but I know what they were all thinking ... "So do I..."The fact is we all love to win.  It's human.

Winning means different things to different people.  For me, it's about getting better.  I've always been competitive with myself.  I get a lot out of setting goals and then growing to accomplish them, and then finding new things to "go for".   Sometimes, though, I win on sheer luck.

This spring my husband and I went to the local bingo hall for date night and I won a $750 jackpot.  The only thing we did right that night was go play bingo!  Most of the time, though, I win because I'm working towards a goal.

You say..."Oh, but I never win anything?!" Want to win?  Follow these simple steps.

When and what have you done to win lately?  Do you like winning as much as I do?  Tell us about it....

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