Never Ever Give Up (NEGU)



In 2009 I decided to run the London Marathon - it was going to be my only one.  I kept going running Chicago.  I then got the wild idea I'd do the "5 World Majors": London, Chicago, New York, Berlin and Boston.  I did London and Chicago in 2009 and New York in 2011.  

This is my third attempt to run Berlin.  I trained in 2010 and became pregnant.  In 2012, I trained and dropped due to an injury.  In July of this year I had another setback -- more heel pain and injuries.  However, it's like they say...3rd time's a charm!

I am running in honor of, Dixie Evans.  On 11/26/2012, during a routine physical, her doctor felt a lump on her thyroid, she had it biopsied and found out that she has non-hodgkin​​s lymphoma...a cancer she's fought and won in 2004.  Because Dixie, never ever gives up.  She's that kind of woman. And like Dixie, in 2 weeks on September 29th, I will finish, because I never ever give up (NEGU)

Please join me in my effort to raise $2500 in the next 2 weeks for NEGU (Never Ever Give Up - The Jessie Rees Foundation) for pediatric cancer. 

Donate to NEGU & Katie's Berlin Run here!

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