Dear Santa



Dear Santa Claus:

It's almost Christmas and by the time you get this letter, you probably will be loading up so you and the reindeer can take off to Australia.

I've been a good girl this year.  Read my 2013 highlights here.  I worked hard, was kind, experienced new things, and tried to stay out of trouble.

I was a good mom, wife, friend, and leader.  I really tried to be a good runner. (Except when I snuck a few of those cookies and cake balls.  And then there were those mornings where I just slept in ... )

This year's list is pretty simple.  I just want a few things ....

  1. Prayer, love and blessings for those who are struggling.
  2. A wrinkle, stress and drama free year.
  3. More sleep.
  4. A seat in the Boston Marathon 2015.
  5. Courage to start marathon training in the summer.
  6. 5 more pounds lost.  Thanks.
  7. My kid to sleep in her own bed.
  8. Another bullish market for my 401k.
  9. No technology issues.
  10. More really cool things to blog about and remarkable women to feature. 

Oh... and another thing...

World Peace.


Your pal,


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