Never waste a good setback

I saw this today on my friend's Facebook page (thanks Mattison Grey) :  Never waste a good setback.  It got me thinking quite deeply about these times in my life and what I did to overcome those situations.

Just this week I found out my right heel is back in action with some pain.  8 weeks until the marathon in Berlin, and most would give in.  My resolve to run this race has been fueled by some competition.  It's called "will".

My will to run this race may be stopped by a bone scan tomorrow, however I am not going to give up my goal to run and finish this race, healthy.   I've applied ice, rest and a positive mindset that I will overcome this "setback".  You see, this is indeed the third attempt. Vince Lombardi says it well "The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have."

This had me thinking.  Life is like baseball. We get curve and fast balls and would love to get one straight up the middle. Sometimes we walk while other times we strike out. The key is getting back up to bat. Keep swinging! We only get closer to a grand slam with every try.


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