Uneven ground

I love this. It explains perfectly what it means to get up and keep going even when things get tough. I ran the other day and fell twice. The uneven ground and slippery surface are a great reminder and metaphor to some of the hazards and conditions life throws you. 

My favorite run was New York Marathon in 2011. After having my daughter just a year prior I decided I would continue my dream to finish the Marathon World Majors. Seven days before the race I became ill and had to be hospitalized. And while I prepared to run in 5 hours, I finished in 6:28 just user course limit. 

There were so many things wrong about this race but I didn't let that keep me from finishing. It's the one marathon medal I proudly display on my Christmas tree because its a reminder of that day I decided to 'keep going'. 

We live in a world full of uneven pavements and slippery surfaces. Conditions are rarely ideal. No one ever said it gets easier - you just get better. 

Keep going. 








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