The Finish Line


The best part of any marathon is the finish.  No matter how hard the run is the most emotional part of the race.  Sometimes we glide, sometimes we run straight through but no matter what, we do indeed end our journey to start a new one.


Last week I put my resignation in with Shell.  It was a hard decision.  I spent 7 years in the most amazing company growing and learning about the world around me. I witnessed and was a part of a great company during times of great change.  I met diverse and brilliant people and had experiences that changed me profoundly. I was blessed with great colleagues, mentors and leaders ...and yes, friends who pushed me to new heights.

Four assignments, multiple countries, 7.5+ managers, loads of dotted lines, miles/km flown, retirements, reorganizations, and more 3 letter acronyms than you could ever count!  Indeed I had great intellectual and cultural debates, and accomplished tremendous things in the most meaningful industry there is - energy.
What's so phenomenal about this journey is I learned how much I love being in the energy industry (go figure, I'm a bundle of it!)...yet it prepared me to PACE, slow down, and go the distance.  My inner self began searching nearly a year ago for more meaning.  After purchasing my first iPad, I began reading, writing, and scouring!  I looked to Seth Godin, Steve Jobs, and then to my childhood to be re-inspired by Ronald Reagan and to history to read Thomas Edison, Confucius, Plato and the Greats.
  • What did I learn?  We have one life to make a difference and few chances to be truly remarkable.  We are living during unprecedented times, and I see all of that as an opportunity to keep going!   When I became comfortable, I got uncomfortable and decided it was time for my next marathon.
  • What did I decide?  No matter how hard something is, if you want it, go for it.  Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't -- especially YOU.  Your choices may be unpopular with some, however don't lower your standards and always keep your head high.  Only YOU know what's best.
  • So, it's time... to begin the next race...with unwavering courage, always sticking true to the principles this race taught me... PACE (Prepare, Achieve, Celebrate, Evolve).
The next "start" begins April 30.  Until then ...

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