The World is Flat and I Would Prefer a Hill

Runners aspire to race on straight flat paths- they are faster. Actually most take the most direct path to their destination But sometimes fast can create unintended outcomes including major catastrophic social and economic disasters.

The internet's growth in the past 5 years via social media has created a horizontal world with no boundaries and less privacy. Ordinary people can be made heroes and get the positive recognition they so deserve while others can make the slightest error or a series of unintentional decisions and be scrutinized in minutes. We are all exposed in some form.

The bloggers brought down Dan Rather. Internet leaks expose confidential information daily. Facebook encouraged social distress in Egypt. YouTube captured video of the BP incident and the world discovered Osama Bin Laden's death via Twitter before the American government could report it. This week's "exposed" is the Susan G Komen Foundation - a dear organization I know well whose mission is pure.

The world has always changed every second of every day. Those moments are no longer the reported past...they are in real time.

Indeed a flat course might be faster. We may all be able to learn how PACE and an occassional hill or two can get us to the finish line as safe and with as little exposure as possible.

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