Connecting with the world

I find it fascinating the digital age is changing our lives and the way we connect with each other each and every day.

I am inspired that on any given day at any time I can connect with friends and family across the world. Life moves at speeds faster than we've every seen. News travels in seconds. The web and social media have created a community where we can collaborate, share and learn from each other.

For my parents it was air conditioning and 8 track systems. I remember when the Walkman was released and nintendo was the coolest video gaming system on the planet. We had Macs and and desktop computers with dot matrix printers. We lugged our books to the library to research by searching through something called the card catalog. Long gone are libraries and wristwatches. Today's google generation has Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, iPads, iPods, iPhones ...the Dewey decimal system has been replaced with IP addresses domain names and content tags.

What will the next 5 years bring? How are you connecting and recreating your world? How will it change?

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