Rest Stops

I love them.  They are always strategically placed in life where you need them.  This morning I stopped at Mile 2.   I needed to rejevenate before I rounded out 4 more miles for my first day back at training.

Water stations are everywhere.  They don't have to be physical coolers with liquid refreshement.  They can be people, places and experiences (you know like sleeping??).  We all need rest, relaxation and rejuvenation!

One of the best forms of rejuvenation for me besides running is spending the afternoon at Gymboree with Ally.  I loved to watch her look at the world around her and explore new things each time.  I also enjoy naps when I can squeeze one in!

At work, my favorite water stop is the coffee break I take in the morning while on long telecons.

What are your rest stops? 

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