Coming Clean

It's been since January that I've blogged. I have had a lot on my mind. This morning I went for a 4 mile run at Terry Hershey. I got up completely unmotivated and unprepared emotionally to go 3. As I set my watch, it was set for 4. Completely LAZY and unmotivated to reset my watch, I decided I'd go for 4. That single decision to go for 4 is a prime example of how we as human beings can make changes in the way we think!
For months I've been in a rut. Adjusting to my new role as a parent and wife with a demanding career has been tough. Getting back to "feeling like my old self" has been a real journey of re-self discovery. But this morning's run made me come clean with myself. Here are the four realizations I had (oddly at each mile marker) ...
Mile 1: Pregnancy was one of the toughest 9 months of my life. It made me see a side to myself I wasn't proud of. I wasn't prepared for what to expect. I caused a lot of grief for myself and those I love. To all of you who braved through this with me, thank you. I love you. And wow, what a great outcome! Ally Rees is the most amazing angel in the world.
Mile 2: I'm ready to move on and forgive myself. Ally is the best thing that has ever happen to me, next to marrying my husband who never ceases to amaze me with the gifts he brings to our marriage every day. I thought to myself I can continue to beat myself up or I can break through the wall and be that person I am.
Mile 3: Just as I took a break and rounded the half way mark, I ran into my friend Crystal on the trail. "Running into Crystal" was a choice (knowing she'd be running this morning). We all have a choice who our friends are and the people we want to surround ourselves with to support each other. THANK YOU Crystal for running me hard. I needed that. Being with the right people assures our success.
Mile 4: As I headed home, I realized while I was hot and stinky...I ran my heart out today. I gave it my best. And that's all anyone can do. Give it our best.
The New York Marathon Lottery picking is this week. I hope to get a seat. The old KT is back in the saddle. I'm done with my past, looking to the future, surrounding myself with the people I love and ready to give it my all.

To your success!

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