The Courage to Change - Be THE One!

Change is so hard.  I had another opportunity this week to speak to a group of project management professionals at the PMI Houston Conference.  With so many people unemployed or facing challenge and transition in their lives, I was amazed at how I filled the room for a session on professional development.  My business session, needless to say, wasn't as popular which is funny because I quite LOVE talking about change and moderately like talking about project management techniques and case studies! 

I guess what we all need sometimes is a little motivation.  I spent years self doubting wondering if I'd ever get to my finish line.  But then I learned life is about a series of walks, jogs, runs and yes, sometimes CRAWLS!  Each finish line is a major milestone.   The important part is isn't not about the speed, it's about finishing what you started.  And it doesn't matter what the goal -- just complete it and move on to the next. 

The courage to change starts with YOU.  You have to WANT it, TASTE it, and FEEL it and in the words of a very powerful American brand, Nike ... JUST DO IT.  We all have it within our reach to control how we respond to life.  I've found that I really thrive during tough times.  Maybe it's because I've come from some tough places and learned that tough or not, you have ONE thing -- your inner self worth that matters.  The world could be coming to an end, but friends and colleagues I know in my heart that no matter what I always find my way even if I do have to crawl wounded -- I CROSS THE FINISH!

So have the courage.  START.  What the heck are you waiting for?  We are born and we die.  Time to live life and make the most of it.    Be THE one...make that step.  You are worth it!

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