Change - I'm optimistic!

Ah, wedded bliss. I'm 5 weeks married and it's been a whirlwind of personal and professional change. In the past several weeks, we've managed to sell 2 homes, buy one, move 2 households into one, host a beautiful wedding (more pics to come soon), and buy Mark a new-used car. It's been busy!

And while the winds of change blow through our personal lives, I find myself surrounded with change at the office --amplified by our global nature it feels real across our company worldwide.. Our new CEO has emerged as a great leader who seeks to steer the ship to assure we celebrate another 100 years ahead of us. We must move fast and with a consciousness and fervor to WIN and WIN big. While I find it very exciting, I also find myself coming to grips with how it will impact my corner of the world. Some of the greatest leaders and mentors of mine are moving on ... some retiring, some leaving and some taking new roles. It's a whirlwind of emotion at times: happy, sad, optimistic, hopeful, funny, and yes, even unfair.

A shake up is good. It's creates healthy tension in the system and redefines purpose. Personally, change pushes me to think differently, solve problems with different approaches and it drives my creativity to new levels.

However, it's been a challenge to take note of how change impacts others. Many fear it and put their heads in the sand. Some have shut down completely.

We cannot avoid change... We can only choose how to respond. My response?

I remain optimistic ...Life is too short to live in fear!

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