Change is Possible, Not Easy (My AH-HA Moment)


 images-11David Niven PhD has a fantastic book I read when I need a little extra motivation -- it's called the 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People. You can google and get it on Amazaon. I bought mine at Barnes and Noble months ago.

Of the 100, I have decided to discuss 26 (one for each mile I will run) as it pertains to my training. This is good stuff.

So he says, Change is Possible, Not Easy. "We hear about the possibilities for wonderful changes people can make in their lives and we want to duplicate those results. When we try and are not quickly rewarded, we actually wind up feeling worse than we did before we started. Positive change in your life will not be finished today but it can start today".

My journey to change began in a Kroger grocery store where I saw a woman collapse to the floor unable to reach her child who was screaming and crying. She must have weighed nearly 300 pounds. The light went off in my head bigtime. I was headed to be her. And why? There I stood a mere 28 with a successful career and smarts and friends. My thinking CHANGED and I realised the possibility of what I could become if I would lose the weight.

I knew the journey to lose would take immense time....physical pain, self control and a lot of emotional soul seeking. But, what did I have to lose? And what did I have to gain? Nothing to lose except years of excess weight and poor habits.

I suppose it's a little amusing I had my A-HA moment in a grocery store but boy am I glad I did. The point is, when you CHANGE your THINKING, you can become anything you want. It comes with sacrafice and other changes you may not expect a long the way and it's a daily committment to make different choices.

My own change has enabled me to run 26 miles. And friends, that feels more remarkable than anything.



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