Dancing Fearlessly

Friends, it's been a while since I've posted.  I've been pulling long days while building great community in Pink Petro.  In two months, we've grown to 16 countries, and I will begin traveling the US and going abroad to meet with groups all over the world.  I'm so busy I cannot see straight, but I'm living my passion.

Next week I'm taking a really neat step in my journey.  I'm the keynote at the WBEA Fearless Expo for women entrepreneurs and corporate diversity leaders in energy, medicine, and other verticals.   While in my corporate chair, I travelled to speak all over the world to engage with staff and to speak at conferences.  Engagement comes natural to me.

But this is special.  I'm now one of them.  I'm an entrepreneur.  And I'm stoked.

My talk will be about fearlessness.

6a00d83451b31569e2017d3f3ad581970c-400wiOne of my favorite books I've given to my teams over the years is V is for Vulnerable, Life Outside the Comfort Zone, an ABC book for Grownups by Seth Godin.  If you don't have this book, go buy a copy for yourself and a friend and read it.

My favorite letters are D and U.

Seth says it's not about how to avoid fear.  It's how are you going to dance with fear.  Have you ever danced with fear?  What was it like? 

I pulled up last weekend after a trip to the grocery story.  I cranked up the music and watched my sweet Ally, 4, dance her heart out.  She reminded me of the little girl in me who is dancing fearlessly.  This warmed my soul.  We all need to dance fearlessly more!

[video width="240" height="426" mp4="http://katiemehnert.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/ally.mp4"][/video]


But, dancing isn't easy.  It's hard work.  Taking your dreams and executing them into reality takes grit and endurance.  (Thank god for running!)

UnknownAnd there are unhappy people (your critics) who don't dare dance, and rather hide in the safety of an umbrella.  These trolls will lurk in the bushes and make noise.  Fear not, my friends, they only know success by watching from the sidelines, paralyzed in fear, wishing jealously they had half the balls you did to try something new.

Turn up the music and keep dancing.

See you next week.

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