Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I love the Wizard of Oz.   I love anything that teaches a story!

So the Ninja-Neer, Ally is into The Wizard of Oz.  Yes, we've gone from Frozen to Ninja Turtles to Captain Hook to Dorothy and Kansas.  I know because every night before bed it's "we're off to see the wizard...the wonderful wizard of Oz".

Tonight my little one told me something so precious.  It's as if she knew I needed to hear it.

il_fullxfull.422204838_tjv8"Mommy.  Follow the yellow brick road."

I kept thinking, sure, she's singing a song, right?  And while she was, she knew what it meant.

She asked me openly, "Did you know that the wizard is a coward who hides behind the stage acting powerful when he's not real."

I sat and listened in awe.  She proceeded to tell me that all Dorothy needs to do is follow her road to find her way.  She needs a heart, a brain, and to be brave.  "And when the wizard even can't help her, she needs to keep going.  She should never give up on getting home to Auntie Em."

She's 4.  And I so needed to hear this today.

I'm following the yellow brick road.  The wicked witch of the west sometimes rears her ugly mean head with issues.  As I've traversed this road, I have found people along the way who've made my journey to Kansas (or wherever I'm going), meaningful and less scary.

What I've learned this evening's discussion with Ally is that sometimes we just need to keep moving through life to find our Emerald City.  It's scary and bumpy and can be a complete fog.   But that's what's real.  The great and powerful "Oz" is a wish.  And we all know that you get what you work for...not what you wish.

Happy trails.  See you on the other side of the rainbow.


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