15 Things in 2015

football2Here they are...the 15 things that will change your work in life in this new year.

Are you ready?

1.  Slow down.  When we slow down, we get to savor those moments and remember them.

2.  Drink water.  We don't get enough.  Grab a bottle before you do anything else.  Odds are you are thirsty.

3.  Read.  If you aren't feeding your mind with knowledge, what are you doing?  Get lost in a good book.

4.  Be present.  I have a hard time with this one, admittedly.  Who doesn't?  I'm going to spend less time with my devices and be more with those who need my attention...my kid, husband and myself.

5.  Let it go.  "I should have.  I could have.  I wish I had."  Momma used to say, shoulda, woulda, coulda.  Stop looking back.  Move forward.  It's over. You're not going back.  Learn from it.

6.  Sleep more.  I turn 40 this year.  I've launched a new business.  I've never been busier in my life but I am going to sleep more.  Successful people get sleep, period.

7.  Surround yourself with the best people.  Enough said.

8.  Say 'no' and mean it.  Repeat with me out loud, "no".  There, don't you feel changed and transformed already?

9.  Laugh.  When we create moments with those who matter, we get to laugh more.  This past weekend I celebrated by Forever 39 birthday, albeit late.  About 17 of my girls came over and we played board games, ate pizza, drank wine, and had cake.  Who knew silly games could be SO much fun?  You know how to have fun, so make time to laugh more.

10.  Move!  Exercise is awesome.  It gets us up and keeps us living.  This year I begin marathon training again with the goal to run Tokyo in 2016.  Moving doesn't have to be a marathon.  It can be a 5k or a mile.  It means get up and do something, anything.  Just move.

11. Start early.  Yes, when you begin early, you get more done.  Have you ever noticed how many people are up at 4am?  Not many but you know what...the most successful ones get ahead by starting early! 

12.  Make a for-me list.

13. Change your thinking a gain a few new professional crushes.

14.  Celebrate.  It's okay.  Do the happy dance.  End zone partying is forbidden in the NFL but not here. Go on ahead, make some waves this year and celebrate.  You deserve it.

So I'm leaving 15 for you.  

What say you?  What's the ONE thing that will transform your work and life in 2015?

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