Building Harmony

On Tuesday night, I attended a corporate Christmas party with my husband.  It made for nice evening out.  We ate a tasty meal prior to a concert held at the Toyota Center in Houston with famous Italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli.  I say tasty because you just never know what food will be like at the local basketball arena, right?

harmonyI felt blessed to be a part of the experience.  I have fondly loved Bocelli's music.  It's just sheer beauty though when he sings.

The local concert featured the Houston Symphony, singers and speciality musicians.  There were a few moments during the performance that made me pause and powerfully reflect on the beauty of the music and harmony.

Our world is such a crazy place.

And while change has come, it is slow, yet we have so much work left to do in so many places.

A few days shy of Thanksgiving, the Ferguson demonstrations were a real wake up call to the division that exists in the USA over race, among a myriad of things.  As I listened to the music, I couldn't help myself get a little emotional while witnessing a blind Italian man sing with a beautiful spunky African-American woman in perfect harmony.  It was so beautiful and so real.  It left me thinking...

Why can't building harmony be this easy? magical? special?

What is the path to harmony? beauty? understanding?  How much more blood, sweat and tears will we shed?  When are we going to get along more and hate less?  And it's not just about color, this is about gender differences and mankind.  When will we get closer together rather than further apart? Can we close the gap on the naysayers and create more opportunities for abundant thinking?  Can we show insatiable curiosity to learn that difference is something to embrace, not compete with or condone?

Can we build confidence in our corners of the world, inspire unity, know our neighbors and approach people with more kindness, respect for difference and love?  Can we rid the world of ignorance, intolerance, jealousy and hate?  Maybe not entirely but can we make a sizable dent?

And as the musical sounds became louder and more intense,  it made me hopeful for the day I will wake up and experience greater harmony in my country and in our world.

Here is a small selection from 'Amazing Grace'.  Enjoy.  I hope this inspires you to build harmony, confidence and community in your corner of the world.

Little by little we can and will make a difference.  It's a choice.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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